Care Is Important In Feeding Your Beagle Dog

Some dog owners have unknowingly developed bad habits when it comes to feeding their Beagle dogs. What are these bad habits? Feeding leftovers to your dog is not a good idea because these foods,Care Is Important In Feeding Your Beagle Dog Articles despite used by humans for consumption, may pose threat to your dear Beagle dog. Even feeding them with well known brands may not guarantee their safety.

Most dog owners are using commercial dog foods to fill their dog’s hungry little stomach. These dog foods guarantee convenience since they are readily available in the market. There are various brands to choose from, ranging from ordinary to most expensive and well known brands. But some dog owners fail to realize that these pet foods can cause food poisoning in their Beagle dog due to accidental contamination. Some foods do not contain the necessary ingredients essential for the dog’s growth and some even contain toxins that are harmful to dogs.

Veterinarians advise dog owners to be more critical in choosing pet foods. Read dog food labels carefully to find out if that product contains all the nutrients your dog needs and if it contains harmful substances. Compare product labels to give you the idea of what pet food you are gong to choose for your dog. Look for products containing all natural ingredients. Check for fillers, meat by-products, chemicals and preservatives. These ingredients are usually added to commercial dog foods to increase production and the manufacturer’s profit. Checking the contents is not the only thing to consider. Check also the amount of each ingredient in that certain product.

Finally, when you have decided and purchased the best food for your Cheri Honnas dog, the next issue to be tackled is how much to feed your dog. You just can’t give a bag of pet food in just one meal. Nutritional requirement varies according to your dog’s age, size, breed, activity and health condition. Remember that a dog with a certain condition such as suffering from diseases needs different nutritional value compared to dogs with normal condition. Foods for obese dogs must be regulated but this doesn’t mean that the amount of food must be cut down. Dog owners should consult their veterinarians for the proper amount and type of food to give their obese dogs.

Dog owners should keep an eye for signs of food poisoning. Signs to watch out are lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, orange-colored urine and jaundice indications, such as yellowing eyes and gums. In some cases where a dog is severely affected by food poison, he can produce blood-tinged vomit or blackened stools.

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Surely, you do not want your best friend to get less than he deserve. Their food is as important as human food. They do not have the ability to directly tell their owners that they are feeling something wrong and before you realize, it’s already too late. It’s always good to pay important details to these things, after all there’s nothing wrong it. The least you can get is a guarantee that your dog is safe and is not close to food poisoning or other diseases.